Nandan Tyagi


Need a great team member?

In real life, especially at work, you need special kind of people around you, so that you have the optimum oppotunity to flourish and grow to your greatest potential.

  • Benevoulent
  • Aspiring
  • Humble
  • Curious
  • Motivated
  • Responsible
  • Collaborative
  • Reliable

These are characteristics I admire and strive for.

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I am Nandan,

I love programming and web development. I love learning new things and creating value for people around me. I am always ready to offer a helping hand if anyone needs it.

In the past I have been a semiprofessional tennis player and tennis coach.
For the past decade I have been working as a manager in the retail bussiness. I am currently working as a fullstack software developer creating .NET Optimizley CMS solutions.

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